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Celtic Museums & Libraries


National Gallery of Ireland

Located in Dublin, Ireland, this museum houses paintings and other works of art from the 14th through the 20th centuries. The collection includes stained glass, furniture and silver from the 18th Century, and portraits by Ireland's most important 20th Century artists. The Gallery is also host to several educational programs, including writer's festivals, children's art events, special lectures, and concerts.

Trinity College Library

Located in Dublin, Ireland, this is the largest research library in Ireland with almost 4 million volumes of books and an extensive collection of manuscripts which includes the famous Book of Kells.

National Museums of Scotland

This wonderful site is home to 6 museums with an accumulation of incredible information! The collection topics include Archaeology, Geology and Zoology, History and Applied Art, and Social and Technological History. This site has educational pages for children and information on courses and resources for teachers. There is also a link to SCRAN, the Scottish Cultural Resources Access Network. The celebrated museums are: Royal Museum, Museum of Scotland, Museum of Flight, Museum of Scottish Country Life, Museum of Costume, and the National War Museum. They have gallery collections on "Beginnings," "Early People," "The Kingdom of the Scots," "Scotland Transformed," "Industry and Empire," and "The Twentieth Century."

National Library of Scotland

This is Scotland's largest library with a collection of 7 million printed books and 120,000 volumes of manuscripts. This library houses some of the first Scottish books ever written and has a digital library where you can view such intriguing displays as "Churchill: The Evidence," "Out of Africa: The Kirk Papers," and "The Last Letter of Mary, Queen of Scots."

National Museums and Galleries of Wales

This site links to 8 museums throughout Wales, with collections on Archaeology, Art, Biodiversity and Biology, Geology, Industry, and Society and Culture. The museums included are National Museum and Gallery (Cardiff), Museum of Welsh Life (St. Fagans), Roman Legionary Museum (Caerleon), Welsh Slate Museum (Llanberis), Museum of the Welsh Woollen Industry (Dre-Fach Felindre), Segontium Roman Museum (Caernarfon), Turner House Gallery (Penarth), and Big Pit - National Mining Museum of Wales (Blaenafon).

National Library of Wales

Located in Ceredigion, this national treasure-house has a large collection of works about Wales and other Celtic countries. The library arranges exhibitions throughout the year and hosts lectures and other events. The site includes digital images, education packages, and information about the library's collection of over 4 million printed volumes.

Celtic Museum
Museum in Hochdorf.

Celtic Museum
Museum in Hallein.

Nova Scotia Museum

This site is host to a family of 25 museums with a wealth of information covering such topics as Archaeology, Fossils, and Natural Sciences. The Mi'kmaq Portraits Collection link on the homepage, which includes photographs, paintings, drawings, and rock art of Mi'kmaq tribes, will also take you to other informative sites on the Mi'kmaq people. There is a link to the complete list of Nova Scotia museums, archives and heritage resources on the homepage.

Harvard College Library

The Harvard College Library possesses over 10,000 books on the Celtic world, as well as a considerable number of original manuscripts. The scope of the Harvard collection offers the most diversified resources for study and research in Celtic linguistics and literature.

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